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Rainbow Building Solutions

Australia | Custom home builder

I’m Matt Smith and my company is Rainbow Building Solutions.

We are a family owned and operated business in southern Tasmania. We only build around about 20-30 homes a year so it’s very boutique and we’ve been doing it for 20 years now.

We used to use a locally based advertising company that primarily focused on TV and radio.

We spent tens of thousands of dollars on radio and TV advertising with very little success.

I remember one campaign we did…I didn’t get one lead, not one!

It was atrocious, so I said, “That’s enough.”

We did a lot of just your standard SEO with very little substance to that and we didn’t do any content marketing.

We didn’t do any advertising on Facebook or Instagram either.

It was all very, ‘let’s try this’ without any strategy behind it. We just thought we’d give it a go and see what happens and it left us with very little results.

Realistically, most of the leads that we did get ended up coming through word of mouth anyway!

Content marketing is something new to me.

Before entering this business I completed a business degree in economics. As part of that degree I did a bit of marketing…but that was back in the late ’90’s!

Marketing is something that changes so rapidly, it’s like it changes day-to-day.

And so content marketing wasn’t something that I became familiar with until I met with the guys from Builders Marketing Assistant by ACRIS Services.

We were putting our logo and a few images of our homes out there with a ‘call us’ and that was the extent of our marketing message that was going out!

There was no niche statement, no ‘why you should build with us’ as opposed to building with anyone else… It was really just a brand awareness!

That was where a lot of the advertising companies that we were dealing with stayed.

Their strategy was ‘Brand awareness, brand awareness and more brand awareness’…that was it!

I mean it was tens of thousands of dollars going out the door with no return!

I was hooked on their content marketing

We came across the ACRIS guys from Facebook advertising, so obviously it works!

They found us and Russ kindly sent me lots of his emails and bits and pieces. So we were on his system for a while, keeping an eye on what’s going on.

You look back at it, you go, “Well, that was content marketing.”

Russ was sending out tips and tricks and how to do this and how to do that and best ways of doing certain things and I thought,

“Well, your marketing works…he’s obviously found us and knows what he’s talking about and he’s got some great ideas in certain areas.”

But when I sort of got into the nitty gritty of it all, and looked at it, it was clear and obvious it was the only choice we could make.

The business was stagnating, it wasn’t going anywhere and leads were drying up.

We were trying to expand and it just wasn’t happening for us, so we needed to do something.

It basically got to breaking point and we said,

“Well, all right, let’s get into it.”

So we’ve had a twelve month custom content marketing strategy going on where we have videos, articles, social media posts and emails created. 

First we had the script written which we then shot and created a video, which then gets promoted each month along with the article.

We do this along with email marketing, Facebook advertising and Google Ads advertising backing all this up.

We’ve been building up our repertoire of content available to consumers on the frontend and backend so that people can see that we are a serious company that want to provide information to our clientele to show that we are the best in the business.

Switching to a content marketing strategy just made sense

The change to content marketing wasn’t a weird switch, it just made sense.

Once it was explained to me and I understood what it was, how it worked and why it

worked, it was a no-brainer!

It was something that had to be done.

Marketing is all about getting into the mind of your ideal clients, getting into their psyche and understanding what motivates them to make a purchase.

Whatever that is, you’ve got to get into their mind so at this point in time there is no other better strategy that I’m aware of that works like content marketing does.

The guys at ACRIS were fabulous, they came through, worked out the strategy, put together the plan and then into a calendar, and they showed me exactly what was going to happen and when.

They managed it all for me, they got into our accounts and managed the whole process.

I just sit back and look at the results!

I can track everything

We’ve got a nice return on investment so far and we can actually track everything and see what’s going on, whereas in the past it was just very hit and miss and we really didn’t know what was going on.

Now our return on investment is very easily tracked and I can see the money we’ve spent there is returning dividends over here.

I have a background in analytics and statistics and the reports we get are mind-blowing. It’s scary at times the amount of information you can!

You can see what first influenced your prospect to take action, which blog posts they’ve read or interacted with, exactly which advert they clicked on whether it was on Facebook or Google Ads or organic search!

You can actually see this person has been shown this specific advert and now they’ve become a customer.

I can actually see how our $5,000 spend of Google Ads one month lead to a $500,000 sale… So, why wouldn’t you do it? 

It takes a little bit of time and the team always say not to be disheartened if something isn’t happening instantly.

It’s not going to be instant! It’s going to take three, six, or even twelve months sometimes. But once it does start working it continues to work.

I’m attracting better clients

Unfortunately we’ve had a run of bad clients and these were clients that we got before we started this custom content marketing strategy.

However, now that the content marketing has been running, the leads coming through are more genuine, more interested in what you have to say and more willing to sit down with you and have an honest conversation about their home.

We can see that these people are genuine and we can convert them into sales a lot more readily and it makes me feel extremely comfortable.

We’re dealing with people that are asking better questions when they enquire.

Instead of, “What’s your price per square metre?”

Our opportunities are coming to us asking:

“What do I get included here?”

“What do I get over here?”

“How can I change this?”

“Can you modify this for me?”

Now, the people getting in the door are the ones we want to deal with and they’re not just wasting our time.

The quality of content produced is second to none

The quality of the content and then the quality of the videos is second to none.

When we sat down with the team it was excellent. I had some ideas for topics and the team worked through the ideas, asked lots of questions turned them into topics using their template and then wrote all of the content. 

Getting the script written took no time at all! Then from there we were able to do the video shoot… and that was ‘WOW’.

I remember walking into the filming room. It was excellent, dead silent and way better than what we’ve done at our own office!

When you want to go to that next level you want it professional looking and so you wouldn’t go anywhere else! 

It’s a perfect studio to shoot the perfect video and then once the work is all put together and the videography has all been edited and all done, it’s just… Wow.

I would certainly recommend Builders Marketing Assistant to other builders…especially the guys that are wanting to grow their business and expand.

If you’re already spending TV & radio dollars, you’re talking big dollars.

And if you can’t measure those returns, you could do something like this content marketing strategy with the videos for substantially less expense, for a much better result.

It’s measurable and it’s done in an extremely professional manner.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else, I wouldn’t bother, I would only use Builders Marketing Assistant.

– Matt Smith
General Manager, Rainbow Building Solutions

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