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When you want a queue of prospects itching to build with you, a consistent flow of new enquiries & an automated follow up process to nurture prospects through the buying process... Think BMA.

20 years ago, referral marketing was a solid marketing strategy for a building company. For any modern building company to thrive in today’s environment it must be dynamic. Building companies need to dominate the search engines, crush it on social media, and stay top of mind with anyone considering building a new custom home.

About Builders Marketing Assistant


“F*** Off and get a proper job”

Russ Stephens started working with builders back in 2011 as an online provider of Workplace Health & Safety documentation.

In some ways it was the perfect business.

No stock, no warehouse or offices…just a website selling digital downloads.

In other ways it was a nightmare.

It was quite normal to get abused by a caller and then take a couple of thousand dollars off them for a product they desperately needed but never wanted.

However, it also gave Russ an insight into the revolution that was taking place online.

sky and stu stephens

Here’s How It Works

One Size Definitely Does NOT Fit All. Here’s
How The Process Works...


In most cases, you go to the doctor thinking you have one thing. If your doctor is good they’ll ask more questions to really understand your situation before prescribing anything.

Before suggesting or recommending any one service, (even if you already know what you want), we must complete a thorough discovery process.

We learn about your building company in detail, including who you’re targeting, results to date, your 12 month goals, your three year goals, the type of work you specialise in, the average contract value and even your current gross margins. All these details help us determine which strategy to implement and in what order.

Much like building a custom home, proper planning must be completed before any construction commences.

Custom Marketing Plan

Once we’ve done a deep dive discovery we talk about the next steps. We’ll take some time to review all of the information available to us and we’ll put together a custom marketing plan for your building company.

There may be 100 things we could do…However, it’s a much better use of time to prioritise the top 3 and put them into action ASAP.

Construction & Implementation

Once we’ve created the plan, it’s execution time.

Our team takes care of everything so you can focus on running your building company.

Optimisation &

As soon as advertisements go live, email marketing is deployed and actual leads start populating into your sales system… the work is not finished!

The BMA team is big on data and what we can learn from it.

So from the day of launch we’re collecting data ready to evaluate, test and optimise your campaigns so we can continually work to improve your results.

We create a custom KPI spreadsheet for you to monitor your results whenever you need, 24/7.

We also provide monthly reports straight to your inbox as well as unlimited email and phone support and on-demand online meetings.

“I Trust You Guys”

Jim Pitcher, CRC Builders Inc.
California, United States

Marketing Blueprint For

The Ultimate Guide To Advertising
A Building Company

Meet The Team

Russ Stephens


Russ specialises in analysing the data and has introduced data-driven decision making methodology to the residential construction industry.

Sky Stephens


Sky coordinates the marketing team so every custom home building company can dominate the search engines and crush it in lead generation online.

Owen Walker


Owen guides custom home builders through the marketing blueprint so they can implement proven marketing strategies fast.

Susie Osmond


Oftentimes, Susie will be your point of contact when joining as a BMA builder. Susie builds and optimises all funnels, creates marketing copy & delivers easy to understand detailed monthly reports.

Will Mullins


Will is our visibility specialist that cleans and optimises builders websites so they can run faster and rank higher in the search engines.

Steve Kaplan


Steve is our Google specialist that deploys proven ad copy onto the newest releases to the Google advertising network so you can stay ahead of the pack.

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